Whistleblower Portal

Reunion Neuroscience Inc. is committed to maintaining high standards of integrity, ethics, and accountability in conducting its operations while seeking to grow its business and realize its mission.

It’s the responsibility of every member of the Reunion team to engender these values and to ensure compliance with the guidelines set out in our Code of Ethics & Business Conduct, Reunion’s policies and procedures, and under applicable laws. Any breach of these guidelines, policies, or laws (Violations) are taken seriously by the Reunion management team.

If we’re to live up to this responsibility, it’s of utmost importance that Reunion be made aware of any Violations that could compromise our integrity or have a detrimental effect on our company; our employees; or our business partners, patients, and shareholders.

Reunion is a responsible organization with an open corporate culture, in which everyone is free to raise concerns. Any member of the Reunion team should feel comfortable raising Violations to their supervisor, the legal department, or the Chief Executive Officer.

We understand that you may not feel that you can talk with them. Reunion therefore provides this Whistleblower Portal to report potential Violations, which guarantees full confidentiality. We investigate every submission immediately and pursue potential Violations consistently.

Whistleblower FAQ
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You can use the Whistleblower Portal to report serious matters or suspected serious matters ONLY. The concerns raised must involve gross violation of law or Reunion’s Code of Ethics & Business Conduct.

For instance, serious concerns include:

  • Fraud or theft
  • Embezzlement or financial impropriety
  • Money-laundering or terrorist financing
  • Bribery or corruption Commented [19]: This is just a link to the governance documents in current IR site
  • Insider trading
  • Harassment or violence
  • Endangerment of patients
  • Human rights violations
  • Circumstances which have resulted in substantial injury

Other matters such as dissatisfaction with pay, collegial difficulties, and so on should not be reported in this system.

It is important that you describe all the facts—even the facts you don’t believe to be important. Please demonstrate your claim if possible and upload any supporting documentation you possess.

When you file a report, you can choose to do it anonymously or non-anonymously.

If you choose to report anonymously, it is even more important that you give descriptions that are as detailed as possible. This is because we will be unable to contact you for any clarification questions after you have filed the report.

If you provide your name, your confidentiality will be assured to the maximum extent possible to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation.

Any concern reported will be sent to the Audit Committee, who are independent of the daily management of Reunion, with a copy to the legal department. They will initiate an investigation of the matter reported and may involve other members of senior management, advisors, or law enforcement where appropriate.

We will ensure that a thorough and complete investigation is conducted in a confidential manner to the maximum extent possible.

We will not dismiss, suspend, harass, or in any manner discriminate against employees using the Whistleblower Portal with respect to good faith reporting. Knowingly providing incorrect information or abusing this Whistleblower Portal may result in disciplinary measures.

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